About ASTA

ASTA manufactures high-quality insulated winding material made of copper for use in electrical machinery in the high-energy sector, so-called conductors (CTC) for transformers, and Roebel bars for generators. ASTA has a top position worldwide in these areas.

Round wire is produced at six locations in Austria, India, China, Brazil and Bosnia and Herzegowina at dimension that is specified by the customer. It is formed accurately down to one hundredth of a millimetre, insulated with special enamel, paper or a netting tape and transposed to CTCs.

Asta has become synonymous with high-quality copper components that are used in the industry for high-energy generators and transformers worldwide. ‘Asta inside’ stands for highest quality and reliability of our customer’s products.

Heinz Riedler, CEO


ASTA acquires PPE

ASTA Group acquires Brazilian copper wire producer PPE

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ASTA products are built into the biggest transformers and generators worldwide. Examples include the Three Gorges Dam in China, the biggest hydroelectric power station.

ASTA has an approximate 40% share of the European market and around 20% world market share.

The service life of a transformer is dependent on the quality of the insulation. Therefore, 80% of the necessary insulation is applied in the ASTA plant.

90% of ASTA customers are longstanding regular customers of the company.

Numerous patents have arisen from the close working relationship with our customers, for example the netting tape or the TG continuously transposed conductors.