Compliance and corporate integrity

By adhering to compliance and corporate integrity, ASTA understands not only compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, but also respect for the principles of ethics, good corporate governance and the fulfilment of social expectations.

Compliance is seen and lived not only as a "must have" but as a basis for the long-term success of the ASTA Group.

In order to underline the importance of this principle, we have summarized the core points of all essential legal and company-internal rules of conduct in our directives, which apply not only within the Group, but in all business relations:

Compliance as the core of our business

These guidelines form the core of our compliance system and are the basis for all decisions. We want to settle such responsible behaviour permanently in the thinking and actions of all our employees. It is clear that, in the event of infringement of these rules, we will react with  a zero-tolerance policy.

For the ASTA Group, this is the key to business integrity.

Guidelines as the basis of our compliance system

Based on the Guidelines, ASTA is currently implementing a comprehensive system of measures to ensure that our business is always fully consistent withal  laws, regulations as well as our internal principles and rules.