Components for Transformers


Continuously transposed conductors and multiple conductors (CTC) for power transformers for all applications.

Insulated flat wires


ASTA CTCs are stranded multiple conductors manufactured by a special process from flat wires, enameled or film insulated. Normally, such cables are provided with an overall insulation of Kraft paper or film tape. The thickness of the insulation depends on the operating voltage of the winding for which the CTC has been designed. In comparison to transformer windings, using individual conductors of the same cross section CTCs offer a number of mechanical, electrical and cost advantages.

ASTA’s engineers will be glad to provide advice on standard and special materials, cable designs, enhanced yield strength copper, the usage of epoxies and cost reduction benefits by the use of ASTA Netting Tape CTCs.


Number of single strips: 5 – 80
Width of single strips: 2.80 – 12.50 mm
Thickness of single strips: 0.90 – 4.00 mm
Max. b1:s1 ratio: ≥ 2.5:1 to ≤ 8:1
Max. cross section of single strips: 36 mm²
Width of bundle (axial): ≤ 26 mm
Height of bundle (radial): ≤ 90 mm

Giant CTC

Continually improved manufacturing methods and engineering creativity has enabled ASTA, years ago, to develop, in consultation with users, “Giant CTC” with up to 80 strands.

ASTA Products are used worldwide in transformers and generators and guarantee functionality, a long service life and first-class quality.