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200-year-anniversary and expansion in Oed

17.09.2015, 200 years of ASTA: LAbg. Franz Rennhofer, Owner DDr. Michael Tojner, LH Dr. Erwin Proell, CEO Ing. Klaus Borstner & Bgm. Michael Zehetner. (c) ASTA Stephan Woldron
17.09.2015, 200 years of ASTA: LAbg. Franz Rennhofer, Owner DDr. Michael Tojner, LH Dr. Erwin Proell, CEO Ing. Klaus Borstner & Bgm. Michael Zehetner. (c) ASTA Stephan Woldron

Oed, September 18th, 2015. ASTA-Group, a member of Montana Tech Components AG (MTC), expands its worldwide leading market position: At the headquarters in Oed, the largest investment project of the business history was successfully concluded and production capacity was increased by 25%. The opening of the new facilities took place in the course of the 200-year-anniversary celebration.

ASTA has invested more than EUR 20 million in its headquarters in Oed/Lower Austria. Hence, the leading producer of copper components for the energy generation in the high-energy-market, increased its production capacity by 25%, up to 24.000 tons per year. ASTA, which recently acquired the biggest Brazilian copper wire producer PPE, will attract new customer and product segments with their additional capacities and the latest technology. The official opening of the new facilities took place on September 17th as part of the 200-year anniversary celebration.

Mr. Erwin Proell, Governor of Lower Austria participated in the ceremonial opening and emphasized the importance of ASTA for the region: “The investment of more than EUR 20 million of ASTA’s parent company Montana Tech Components in Oed proves the confidence into the business location Lower Austria. ASTA not only strengthens its international market position but also enhances its headquarters in Oed sustainably by securing more than 300 jobs in the region in the long term.”

“ASTA will continue its 200-year history of innovation with full power”, underlines Klaus Borstner, CEO of ASTA-Group, “We have concluded the largest investment project of the business history. Therefore we are able to expand in terms of quantity and will further diversify our product portfolio to meet the increasing demand of our customers and attract new customer and product segments like e-cars and wind-power.” Beside the significant increase of research- and development activities. Among others, ASTA will supply wires for the automobile industry in the future.

Global expansion:

Beside the capacity expansion in Austria, ASTA-Group enhances its market position in the American growth-market massively: Past week, the leading Brazilian copper wire producer PPE Fios Esmaltados S.A. (PPE) has been taken over. With 350 employees and a latest turnover of about BRL 600 million (EUR 175 million) PPE i the biggest copper wire producer for the electronic industry in South America.

Mr. Michael Tojner, majority owner and CEO of Montana Tech Components states, “With the new production capacities in Oed and the Brazilian acquisition we expand our global market presence substantially and will be able to supply our products and services in our usual high ASTA-quality worldwide. From the headquarters in Oed, we will further pursue this growth strategy also in the future.”

Including PPE, ASTA will reach a turnover of app. EUR 360 million and will employ more than 900 people. Therefore the whole industrial group MTC is going to exceed the 1 billion Euro threshold.

About ASTA Energy Transmission Components GmbH:

ASTA, a company of the industrial group Montana Tech Components, was established in Oed (near Wiener Neustadt) in 1814. With currently 570 employees and three production sites in Austria, China and India as well as the new Brazilian site, ASTA is market leader in its niche market of copper winding material for the energy-sector. As a quality and technology leader, manufacturers of transformers and generators are supplied with winding material made of copper (especially continuously transposed conductors, insulated winding wire, and Roebel bars) worldwide. ASTA Group achieved revenues of EUR 186 million in the fiscal year 2014.

About Montana Tech Components AG:

Montana Tech Components AG is a technology- and innovation oriented industrial group active in the growing markets of Aerospace, Energy Storage, Metallurgy and Industrial Components. The individual group companies occupy leading positions in their respective niche markets.

With a focus on selected key technologies, market leadership and continual innovation, Montana Tech Components pursues a sustainable growth strategy. With currently 5,500 employees worldwide in 61 sites, Montana Tech Components generated total revenues of EUR 830 million* in 2014.
* incl. ASTA & Hahl Pedex

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